How to build solid WordPress applications?

Have you ever wondered how to create WordPress applications capable of handling millions of users? Maybe you're bored with your current workflow and you’re searching for new challenges?


For a long time, I wanted to share my vision of creating scalable WordPress-based applications, that helps proving many people that WordPress can be used for much more than just simple pages. A vision that introduces software engineering terms into the WordPress ecosystem, opens the door for more challenging projects and proves that it is not as hard as it seems. A vision that makes thinking outside the box easier and gives more opportunities to create innovative solutions even in the simplest projects.

And it's time to start. So welcome to the introduction to my WordPress theme and plugin development course that should help you achieve amazing things!

Who can it be useful to?

It won’t be another course about building WordPress systems using popular tools like Elementor or tons of plugins. I’ll focus mainly on achieving great results using and own ideas and custom code as much as possible to give you the knowledge that helps you build applications focused on business needs rather than external solutions constructed by others. The knowledge that will give you the confidence to call yourself WordPress Expert, not a WordPress Plugin Usage expert.

So if you’re searching for ready-to-use solutions that will help you build WordPress applications with small effort without thinking about quality, you probably won’t find anything useful for you. But If you want to learn how WordPress works, even under the hood and build solid solutions, that’s something for you.

What I want to present?

There’s nothing better for learning new things than practising. So during my course, I’ll build a football news hub from scratch and present the essential concepts and knowledge that will give you confidence and a solid foundation for your own projects.


I’ll start with some basics like guiding you through the process of gathering requirements, estimating timelines, project costs and showing tips that should ensure that everyone is on the same page.

I’ll discuss the development workflow and tips that should help save a lot of time with keeping the high-quality level. I’ll show how to define architecture requirements to ensure that we have a solid and efficient foundation for the development process. Data architecture is another really important topic so I’ll show you how to design it in a way that will boost your performance and usability from the beginning.

Once we have a solid understanding of the project scope, I’ll start building the business features.


I'll show you how to build a visual layer and enjoy it as if you were building with Lego bricks. You'll get the knowledge that will help build more advanced features like data lazy loading, displaying different content based on user interests and what's most important for me here - how to use the power of object-oriented programming to improve app performance, code readability and teamwork. I'll try to prove that it is really not as hard as it seems.


WordPress is not any archaic tool that allows building only boring and simple websites using drag & drop tools. I’ll try to show you that you’ll be able to build highly engaging applications using modern tools like Vue or Laravel and fulfil your developer’s ambitions.


I’ll show you how to boost up your system value by adding custom integrations, like real-time scores module, leagues results data synchronizations, RSS-Readers and many more.



You'll learn the tips and tricks that help you build applications focused on performance and security from the beginning, and you'll convince yourself that plugins are the last needed part of success in this area. I'll guide you through the entire deployment process, cover debugging techniques and discuss how to manage the project over time to ensure its continued success.


What will you get as a result?

I'm going to explore some really cool topics in the plugin and theme development that should help you find more joy and be proud of the work you made. The stuff that should help you reduce the time spent on the development process with every new project with keeping the quality at the same high level.

As a result, you'll get the knowledge that makes you feel that you're WordPress Expert, not a WordPress Plugin Usage Expert and you’ll be able to answer the following questions related to WordPress development:

  1. How to build solutions that are capable to handle millions of users?
  2. How to communicate to ensure that you and the client/team are on the same page?
  3. How to estimate time and costs in a way that will help you feel safe?
  4. How to reduce the development time process with keeping the quality?
  5. How to improve readability and usability by designing correct data architecture?
  6. How to use OOP to boost code readability and performance?
  7. How to take care of security from the initial stages?
  8. How to provide a better user experience and feel developers' ambitions?
  9. How to manage debugging and deployment processes?


No matter if you're already a WordPress developer or just starting out, no matter if you're a backend or frontend developer, I'm excited to help you grow your skills and create amazing WordPress applications.

So if you think that those topics can be useful for you, please remember to subscribe my YouTube channel and turn on notifications to stay up to date in the latest content. Remember to follow me also on Twitter, where I’ll be posting the latest updates and next topics that I would like to handle in this course.

Let’s build something together!


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