How to automate WordPress database export?

Let's assume that you need to send your local database to the team. How to do it in a few steps?


This topic is related to task automation so if you want to understand this example well, check out this or at least tools section that describes how to use those scripts.

Database import and export processes are also a tasks that in some cases need to be done often, especially when we work with a team on a single project. I know that's nothing demanding, but if we already do that for other cases, why not to create functions that will handle also those processes for us?

function db:import() {
  wp db reset --yes
  gzip -d db.sql.gz
  wp db import db.sql
  rm db.sql

function db:export() {
  wp db export db.sql
  gzip db.sql

For database import I just need to put the db.sql.gz file in the document root and run the ./ db:import task. For export I just need to run ./ db:export task.


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