I hit a first 2000 subs on my WordPress YouTube 🎉

After a few months of work and a lot of doubts, I've managed to reach a first 2000 subscribers on my YouTube channel related to WordPress development.

I usually didn't like sharing stuff like this publicly, thinking no one cares. I worried that if I bragged about something I'm proud of, people might think it's just showing off or not true. Even when I got close to sharing, I'd think it's not a big deal. Impostor syndrome 🤷‍♂️

Today, I'm changing that. I hit 2000 subscribers on my channel, which was a challenge from the start and I want to share my happiness with you! Numbers are just numbers, and my results might not be super impressive compared to others, but it's time to stop comparing. With each new video, I enjoy creating more, even if I have doubts. That's what matters most. I don't regret it now, and I'm genuinely happy that I started.

I'm going to keep going, keep learning, and we'll see what happens. I have a ton of cool ideas, not much time, but as they say, 'every little bit helps.' Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, and if you're curious about what's next, don't forget to subscribe! Take care! 👋


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